Our Training Grounds:
We are located in central Minnesota, just north of the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area and train on private and leased land. We also train on private lands in western Minnesota and northern Minnesota through out the year. We have access to approximately 3,500 acres of land and water with a wide range of terrain and cover in which to utilize for dog training.

Basic Started Retriever Training:

This is a professional training program for the beginner dog and will train a young dog to a level that most hunters will want for a first year hunting dog. This gun dog will receive the following retriever training:
  • Obedience
  • Electronic collar conditioning
  • Fetch and hold command training (Force Fetch)
  • Gun-fire conditioning
  • Steadiness to shot
  • Land and Water marking and retrieving
  • Introduction to quartering and flushing
This is a 90 day program and the dog must be at least 5-1/2 months or older to start.

Intermediate and Advanced Retriever Training:
This training package is for the gun dog who has moved through basic retriever training and is continuing to advance or for gun dogs that have had this preliminary retriever training and need refresher training or continued work. This will move your retriever through formal handling and multiple marked retrieving along with honoring and stricter line control work. This will run 6-8 months and is determined by the expectations of the owner and progress of the dog as determined by the trainer.

Requirements: All dogs we take in for training must have the following vaccinations and health standards
  1. All dogs must be in good physical condition free of any parasites or other concerning conditions.
  2. All dogs must be vaccinated for the following
    • Lyme disease
    • Heart worm (controlling pills)
    • Bordetella (Kennel cough)
    • Distemper
    • Rabies
I must be presented with a updated vaccination sheet from your vet upon receipt of your dog.

Additional Costs

All gun dogs will be trained using live and dead birds, these birds will consist of ducks, pheasants, chukars, and pigeons. Live birds will be paid for at the end of each billing cycle. The cost of live birds will vary depending on type and current price and will be the wholesale price at the time of purchase.

All prices include dog food (Purina Pro Plan), if you desire a special dog food or food supplements to be fed to your dog you will be required to supply it or pay the additional cost. The owner will be responsible for all medical bills including heart worm and Frontline (or similar products) Because of the small number of dogs trained at one time, space is limited. Therefore, I require a $200 dollar advance payment upon advance reservation. This will be applied to your 1st payment and is nonrefundable unless you are able to find a replacement dog to be placed in the gun dog training program.  

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