Service Dogs
Service Dogs for Autism, Service Dogs for Disabled Veterans, and Diabetic Alert Dogs (DAD)

Sundowner Retrievers is proud to be part of a new "added" direction with our kennel to help give back to those with special needs. As parents of an Autistic son we became immediately aware of the extreme needs that these children (and adults) have along with others in the world from Disabled Veterans, Diabetic Alert Dogs (DAD) and Autism.

Also how important dogs can play a role in a person's life from soothing someone by just being a companion to having to be capable of helping a person to be able to fully function from walking, getting dressed, alerting a diabetic low, etc. Individuals who struggle with invisible disabilities often will benefit from having a canine companion in their lives to enhance quality of life, sometimes complete independence.

We breed and raise quality Labradors out of our own stock to ensure temperament and health clearances are met to the highest standards. We use a highly consistent training program that uses methods to achieve the greatest advancement throughout our program.

We only use positive reinforcement to attain the highest skills of learning that will be fun and rewarding to the service dog, this will build the best level of skill and retention to our dogs and with us.

Sundowner Retrievers is aware of the shortages, waiting lists of highly skilled service dogs along with the needs of organizations needing new puppies in their programs so we occasionally will also give back by donating one of our Labrador Retriever puppies to someone in need that can't afford these highly skilled service dogs or to a qualified Service Dog organization that is non-profit 501 (c) (3).

Our dogs come from quality stock parents that have all their health clearances, AKC & UKC Registered with Limited Registration and also are fully vaccinated.

To learn more about our Sundowner Service Dogs and if we can fit one with your specific needs, please contact us at any time.

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